Xiaozhong Liu


               Associate Professor @ CS/DS, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

                Affiliate Professor @ SICE, Indiana University Bloomington


data science

Z517 - Web Programming


This course will teach the critical thinking skills needed for students to design and work with information systems and web systems. Design of information systems and web systems will be taught by a problem-solving approach that will emphasize how to look at a problem as something that can be solved computationally...

I'm teaching Computer Science and Data Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Computer Science, Data Science and Information Science at Indiana University Bloomington.

DS595: Natural Language Processing


Natural Language Processing (NLP) lies at the heart of cutting-edge technologies today, driving advancements in fields such as AI, computational linguistics, and data science. This exciting and rapidly evolving field has various applications, from online search and eCommerce recommendation engines to chatbots and GPT-style generative AI. In this course, we will provide a comprehensive exploration of the most powerful and widely used techniques, methods, and tools in NLP.

CS4341: Introduction To Artificial Intelligence


This is an introductory, upper level, undergraduate AI course. We will cover general knowledge representation techniques and problem solving strategies, including semantic nets, search, game playing, rule-based systems, frames and inheritance, logic-based systems, planning, and constraint satisfaction. We will also discuss three important application areas in AI: machine learning, machine vision, and natural language processing.

DS3010: Data Science III: Computational Data Intelligence


This course introduces core methods in Data Science. It covers a broad range of methodologies for working with large and/or high-dimensional data sets to making informed decisions based on real-world data. Core topics introduced in this course include data collection through use cycle, data management of large-scale data, cloud computing, machine learning and deep learning. Students will acquire experience with big data problems through hands-on projects using real-world data sets.

Z604: Big Data Analytics for Web and Text


The class is designed to embrace the recent emergence of the data science field. I will introduce important and fundamental concepts, theories, methods, and algorithms of Data Science and Big Data Analytics. These will enable students to characterize, interpret or predict complex real-world problems using data-driven approaches. Students will have access to the following data as class project: Wikipedia Dump, Twitter Data, Netflix Data, HathiTrust Digital Library.

Z534 - Search (Information Retrieval)


With the exponential growth of the Web in the past decades, we are facing a flood of information. The success of GYM (Google, Yahoo and MSN) has shown that Information Retrieval is a key component to assist users to access target information based on their need. The course provides a solid introduction to information retrieval theories and algorithms underlying all search applications. We will investigate techniques used in modern search engines and demonstrate their significance by experiment. We will use Yelp Data Challange and Alibaba dataset for this course...


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