Xiaozhong Liu


               Associate Professor @ CS/DS, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

                Affiliate Professor @ SICE, Indiana University Bloomington




Introducing Dr. Xiaozhong Liu, an Associate Professor in the cutting-edge fields of Computer Science and Data Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. With a background that boasts the title of Associate Professor at Indiana University Bloomington and the esteemed role of Director/Senior Consultant at Alibaba DAMO Academy, Xiaozhong's expertise spans across varied domains including natural language processing, graph mining, large language model, information retrieval, and computational social science. With a remarkable track record comprising of over 150 published papers in top-tier CS and information science platforms, as well as 22 patents, Xiaozhong is inviting highly-driven Ph.D. students with a strong passion for NLP, LLM, and deep learning to join his exceptional research team.


My full CV here

Email: liu14 [AT] WPI [dot] edu


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