Xiaozhong Liu

        Associate Professor @ School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering Indiana University Bloomington

                                                     Senior Consultant @ Alibaba DAMO Academy (达摩院)



Dr. Xiaozhong Liu is an Associate Professor at School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, Indiana University Bloomington. His research interests include information retrieval, natural language processing, text/graph mining, digital library, metadata, and computational social science. His dissertation at Syracuse University (advisor Dr. Elizabeth D. Liddy) explored an innovative ranking method that weighted the retrieved results by leveraging dynamic community interests. His research developed an enhanced understanding of the scholarly network from a topical content perspective and investigated the use of full-text citation data to improve the overall recommendation ranking performance. Meanwhile, the proposed algorithms/system help students and scholars understand the challenging scientific publications and formulas. He proposed Full-text Citation Analysis, Scientific Information Understanding, and Cross-Social Media Mining projects... He also serves as the NLP Director at Alibaba DAMO Academy...

My full CV here

Email: liu237 [AT] indiana [dot] edu


  • Project "SCALE ESS / Trusted AI" is funed by DoD (thanks...)
  • Two papers (about legal intelligence and dialogue mining) is accepted by SIGIR 2021
  • Project "[Chinese Student = Spy?] [Black Man = Predator?] Reducing Racial Bias in Legal Artificial Intelligence" is funded by Racial Justice Research Fund (thanks...)
  • One paper accepted by IEEE S&P 2021, and one paper accepted by Scientometrics
  • Four papers (about Legal Intelligence, Dialogue Summarization/Mining and Children Protection) acceted by AAAI 2021
  • Three papers (about Legal Intelligence, Natural Language Generation and Bioinformatics) acceted by EMNLP 2020
  • Three papers (about Children Protection, Natural Language Generation and Graph Mining) acceted by SIGIR 2020 + We will organize a Legal Intelligence Workshop at SIGIR 2020; Two papers accepted by SIGIR 2020 Industry Track
  • One paper + poster accetped by JCDL 2020
  • Project "Analytics-Driven Accessible Pathways To Impacts-Validated Education" is funded by NSF (thanks...)
  • Paper "Task-Oriented Genetic Activation for Large-Scale Complex Heterogeneous Graph Embedding" accepted by WWW 2020
  • Paper "Behavior based Dynamic Summarization on Product Aspects via Reinforcement Neighbour Selection" accepted by ECAI 2020
  • Three papers (about Legal Intelligence, Natural Language Generation and Dialog Sentiment Mining) acceted by AAAI 2020 (will go to NYC)
  • Two papers (about Legal Intelligence and Sentiment Analysis via Information Seeking) accepted by CIKM 2019
  • Three papers (about Legal Event Detection, Sentiment Analysis and Spam Detection) accepted by EMNLP 2019
  • Paper "Aspect Sentiment Classification Towards Question-Answering" accepted by ACL 2019
  • Paper "Cold-Start Aware Deep Memory Network for Multi-Entity Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis" accepted by IJCAI 2019
  • Paper "Skill Discrepancies Between Research, Education, and Jobs Reveal the Critical Need to Supply Soft Skills for the Data Economy" accepted by PNAS 
  • Two papers (about Legal Intelligence and Pornographic Products Detection via Information Seeking) accepted by SIGIR 2019
  • Paper "Review Response Generation in e-Commerce Platforms with External Product Information" accepted by WWW 2019
  • Paper "User-Centric Quality-Sensitive Training! Social Advertisement Generation by Leveraging User Click Behavior" accepted by WWW 2019 
  • Paper "edge2vec: Representation learning using edge semantics for biomedical knowledge discovery" accepted by BMC Bioinformatics
  • Two papers (about QA sentiment analysis and graph faciliated natural language generation) accepted by EMNLP 2018
  • Paper "Mathematics Content Understanding for Cyberlearning via Formula Evolution Map" accepted by CIKM 2018
  • Paper "Cross-language Citation Recommendation via Hierarchical Representation Learning on Heterogeneous Graph" accepted by SIGIR 2018
  • Paper "One vs. Many QA Matching with both Word-level and Sentence-level Attention Network" accepted by COLING 2018
  • Project "Enabling Accessibility and Linking Digital Media Collections in Academic Libraries" is funded by IMLS (thanks...)
  • Project "Enhanced Sentiment Analysis and Auto-Review Reply Generation" is funded by Alibaba Innovative Research (thanks...)
  • The proposed algorithm - auto Travel Guide Generation - launched @ Alibaba to serve 1 miliion users
  • Paper "Analyzing Cross-college Course Enrollments via Contextual Graph Mining" accepted by PLoS One

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